About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the fifth largest city in India with an ancient civilization and culture. Hyderabad and Secunderabad are twin cities, separated by Hussain sagar which is a man made lake. Hyderabad occupies a unique position on the map of India. With its confluence of cultures and traditions, the city is often described as a link between the north and the south, and a meeting place of the east and the west. The city is nearly 400 years old and is noted for its natural beauty, mosques and minarets, bazaars and bridges, hills and lakes. The name itself brings up visions of a vibrant city of minarets and modern high - rise buildings. A natural and sophisticated blend of old and new, an old 'Nawabi' culture with a new pro-active approach and hospitality. The teeming bazaars of the old city, in the midst of which stands the 400-year-old Charminar, the modern shopping complexes and ultra-modern malls in the newer areas of the city add to the charm of Hyderabad. The Golconda Fort, capital of the kingdom by that name, is today very much part of the city, as is Cyberabad (means Cyber City), a new local area created to keep pace with the zooming Information Technology & Tourism sector.

Pearls, bangles, silks, computer software, handicrafts and above all a delectable cuisine add to the splendour of this great city.

Hyderabad Weather

The climate of Hyderabad remains fairly warm through most parts of the year and does not receive much rainfall in the monsoon. With the onset of winters in North and central parts of India, temperatures marginally come down in the months of December and January and the nights become quite cool in and around the Hyderabad city. During the summer months, the mercury goes as high as 42° C while in winters the minimum temperature may come down to as low as 12° C.

June to November are the months of monsoons, accompanied by rains. During the Monsoons also the temperature goes down at times. Thus, for most parts of the year the weather and climate of Hyderabad remains fairly moderate and you can visit the Hyderabad city anytime in the year but the best season to visit Hyderabad is between October-February.


Clothes to Wear While Traveling to Hyderabad

While traveling to Hyderabad during the summer months, you must carry and wear light cotton clothes while in winter season, especially in December and January, you need to carry some light warm clothes as the mercury dips significantly.

General Information

Area: 259 sq. miles Population : 38,41,396
STD Code : 040



Air: Hyderabad is a major transit hub for southeast asia and has all major airlines connecting to Hyderabad. Rail: The world's second largest railway under one management the Indian Railways carries more than ten million people every day. Additionally MMTS(Local Train Service) has ramped up with increased train stations and connectivity Bus: The AP State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) has a busy district service that connects Hyderabad to every city, town and almost all villages.